No Rules Are Good Rules In Fashion

No Rules Are Good Rules In Fashion

The big runways still get plenty of action, but in the lower profile realm of personal style, people with a new generation of lifestyle choices are making their own interpretations of how to combine what they have.

Lower budget outfit design has always had a niche. Second – hand style has always lent creative license to those with an eye for the artistic aspect inherent in a unique wardrobe. And those who reawaken the styles of seasons past, with those who design the look of seasons coming, generally set the aesthetic standards of current trends.

One recent tendency is clear in even the most modern designs. Gone are the days when styles were either in or out. As the planet shrinks with technology and the exposure it opportunes, so do the lines that separate styles and regions. Even the practical simplicity of third world survival tradition has been embraced in the industrialized world.

Simple swaths of fabric are used resourcefully to wrap and tie in customized configurations to cover just that anatomic region needed for the situation or activity. More people surrounded by the fashion of seasonally mass produced factory clothing are finding a breath of fresh air in the art of scarf and shawl applications. Decorating yourself with scarves for a touch of sophistication is fun. And now wraps are being used for versatile warmth and also utility. They can serve as a towel or hammock in travel. The more ancient modes for carrying infants is coming back.

Another development is the shunning of rules. Geometry apparently is out of place in many of the most recent high fashion designs. There is no need for thirds or quarters in layering proportions. A waist hem or layer can start above where the bust ends. Sleeves can be performing their own dance in the flow of an outfit. And there is no need to concern yourself with design direction. Wide multi colored stripes can tango freely with narrow vertical.

The era of clashing seems to have made way for the dawn of free mingling. Colors do not need to have that “just so” contrast. Nothing is too bright. And shades of the same colors can share the canvas that is your figure. What at one time was considered by many to be punk in it’s deviation from the apropos is now intriguing. Combinations that were eccentric and hard for many to receive now enjoy an appreciation with perspective that has been around the block a few times.

And the self made model can tailor the application of foreign layers to function well in any lifestyle. That may be one of the greatest liberations of the arrival of the free style era. Maybe on the top, you are feeling somewhere more exotic. But the bottom needs to handle a rugged commute. Not only will the individual statements be appreciated. But the resourcefulness of combining them will be admired as well.

We have evolved from an unconditional reverence for high price tags derived from the most urban fashion scenes. We appreciate the artistry of pulling together original combinations that are flattering and comfortable. And your most meaningful jewelry can play nice with any item. We appreciate a story in an appearance. And now tattoo’s can speak for themselves when a clothing item is cut just right to display your art work or to reveal enough of a hint of it to arouse curiosity. This is an animated time to explore your more of yourself thru ensemble couture.

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