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What to Wear On Joggers

Turn Your Jogging Experience from Boring to Exhilarating by Spicing Up Your Jogging Outfit

Whether you want to keep fit, lose weight or take your pet for a walk, exercise can be a tedious task. Most fitness coaches argue that the fitness journey begins in the mind. The best way to ensure that you reach your set targets every day is to ensure you are dressed in comfortable clothing. Different people have different tastes in clothes and fashion. How you dress will also be determined by how comfortable you are with your body. Whichever the case, let’s take a look at clothes you can wear for your jogs.

What to Wear On Joggers?

Any aerobic activity requires comfortable clothes and keeps you warm and well ventilated on cold days or lightly insulated and dry in warmer weather. What to wear on joggers largely depends on your taste. Running clothes include pants, leggings, biker shorts, shirts and jackets. The weather is the key determiner for how you combine your attire. There are a few features that you can look out for when purchasing your workout clothes. These features include:
• Moisture-wicking
If you sweat easily, then you know how uncomfortable the seat can feel. Getting too sweaty can put a damper on your workout and even those around you. So you chose a fabric that draws sweat from your body to keep you dry and chafe-free while you jog. Don’t forget to put on some deodorant, too, though.
• Quick-drying Fabrics
If you get caught in a downpour, you will appreciate these fabrics because they dry quickly. Fast-drying materials protect you from heat loss, giving you a cold and, worse, even hypothermia.
Sun protection
Any items that have UPF ratings provide users with protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The higher the rating, the better the protection. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of getting heatstroke or, even worse, a nasty sunburn.
• Thumbholes
When shopping, you will notice that some long sleeve tops made for cooler weather have thumb holes to increase the surface area covered. These thumbholes allow you to skip wearing gloves. They also allow the sleeves to say in place as you jog. A few unique designs even have mittens attached to the sleeves.
• Comfortable Inner Lining
You might notice that some jogging shorts have an inner lining that resembles underwear. This lining and many other linings on sports clothes are meant to wick moisture off sweaty joggers.
• Compression
If you fancy a snug fit, you will love shorts, tights and socks designed for compression. These clothes keep everything in place as you jog your way to your daily target. Compression clothes also aid in reducing joint pains and inflammation.
• Packable and Pockets
We all love clothes that have functional pockets. Compact storage in sports clothes is an underestimated feature. Carrying your phone or snacks without them bouncing around is a win. Some of these pockets allow for the clothing to be folded into itself, making for easy storage.
• Reflectivity
Safety first, if you prefer to run at night, then reflective clothing is a must-have. This clothing increases visibility so motorists can easily see you.
• Chafe-Free Seams
Avoid buying any clothes that have a seam that is placed in any way that could impede your stride. It is important to promote flexibility when jogging, so keeping a balance of tight clothes so they don’t get too tight or loose clothes, so they don’t get too loose.
• Mesh Vents
Mesh Vents are by far the most impressive feature of sports clothes. These panels affect high heat areas such as the back, underarms and side, so you do not get too hot or sweaty.

What to Wear On Joggers - Blog - Uniqistic.com

What is the Best Fabric to Choose for Jogging?

Polyester is great at absorbing moisture, and it dries fast. The fabric is sold under different brand names, each with varying percentages of blend with other materials. Always choose the polyester blend that feels best against your skin. But, please don’t stop there; try it on and walk around to see how well it stretches.
Merino wool- This fabric type is naturally antimicrobial in addition to being absorbent and easy to dry. It is one of the best fabrics to fight bad odor from the body. If you are worried about having a bit too many clothes in your closet, this is just the fabric. Merino wool is a good temperature regulator, so it will help keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.
Nylon – This fabric is usually blended with other materials for a more comfortable fit. Most blends are good at wicking moisture and dry up faster.

Running accessories

We cannot leave jogging accessories out. These gadgets and gizmos make jogging more fun by keeping you informed and firmly in control of your runs. Smartwatches may not be made of fabric, but they are a big part of keeping your vitals and speed in check. The best way to know how far you have jogged each day is by using one of these devices. So get yourself one and keep track of your jogging.
• Socks
On cold winter days, you don’t have to let the snow stop you from going for your morning jogs. Heated socks keep your feet warm and allow you to control how hot you want to keep your feet. Heated gloves and mittens are also available.
These battery-powered wonders keep your arms and feet toast while you get your cardio in. In addition, the materials are also meant to keep sweat off your skin, and some even feature waterproof designs.
• Hats
Hats play a key role in protecting your heat from the hot summer sun and the chilli winter breeze. Some hats also have panels that keep your head warm which goes a long way in keeping you comfortable when jogging.
Whatever the weather, there is always the right sportswear for the jog. Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Always avoid wearing shoes that ill-fitted or too worn out. Running in the wrong shoes can cause you injuries that can interfere with your jogging routine. Professional joggers advise that new clothes and shoes should be tried on when going on major jogging events.

Bottom Line

All of this information on clothes may seem like a lot of information to keep in mind when buying sportswear but stick to what feels most comfortable to you. What to wear on joggers largely depends on the weather. If you notice that your first buy does not feel as comfortable as anticipated, don’t fret; try a different fit. As you get in shape, your body will change. So don’t be shy; go and get yourself a smaller size and keep jogging. The right clothes will motivate you to get out there and hit the road.

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