The Lace Sleeve Wedding Dress of your Dreams Can Be a Reality in Blog

The Lace Sleeve Wedding Dress of your Dreams Can Be a Reality

There are many reasons to consider a lace sleeve wedding dress for your ceremony. Whether you feel it is more appropriate for season or location of the wedding, or just prefer a more modest look, the addition of lace sleeves on a wedding dress can add a sense of delicate romance. The first step to the dress of your dreams is deciding which type of sleeve you would like.

Lace sleeve wedding dress can be found with anything from a little cap sleeve to long sleeves. Sleeves can be fitted or fluttered away from the body. Generally, the longer the sleeve, the more modest the look is considered to be. That being said, it is important to consider how the placement of the sleeve may draw attention towards or away from certain areas of the body.

Cap sleeves can add width to slim shoulders and highlight petite arms while elbow length or longer sleeves will provide coverage of the upper arms, if that is an area of concern. Elbow length sleeves can also be used to draw attention to the waist, if the bride prefers to highlight that area as a feature, while three-quarter length sleeves can help balance out slim hips. Short sleeve tend to draw attention up toward the bust-line. This can be used to balance out a dress with a fuller bottom, or to create a curvier look for a pear-shaped body type.

The Lace Sleeve Wedding Dress of your Dreams Can Be a Reality in Blog

When choosing a lace sleeve wedding dress, it is important to consider how you will move in the dress during the ceremony and reception. No matter how beautiful a dress is, it can be frustrating if you feel you cannot move comfortably while wearing it. Make sure to try to sit down in the dress to see how it shifts. Lift your arms above your head, as you may need to when tossing the bouquet or when you are tearing it up on the dance floor. See if you can comfortable lift your arms to the shoulder height of the groom and the father-of-the-bride, as this will make any slow dances more comfortable. If the sleeve prevents you from performing basic tasks, it may be best to see what other options are available.

If you do not find the dress of your dreams in a selection of dresses that come with sleeves, lace sleeve wedding dresses can often be created from sleeveless styles. If you are shopping at a boutique that can also do alterations, speak with the seamstress to see what options may be available. They may be able to attach custom sleeves to a sleeveless dress depending on the neckline and materials involve. Additionally, the seamstress or salesperson may have an alternate option, such as a lace shrug, shawl or bolero jacket, that provides the look you are going for when used with a sleeveless dress.

Finding the perfect lace sleeve wedding dress for your special day is possible. Take time to consider what you want to achieve with your final look, and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from professionals. Ultimately, it will make your wedding day so much happier if you feel comfortable and confident from ceremony to reception, and reception to happily ever after.

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