The usual rain boot might look rubbery and boring, but modern styles can bring a splash of color to a very important functional fashion choice in the rainy Spring. Rain boots now come in a rainbow of colors, with patterns ranging from the classic playful polka dot to a stylish leopard spot, and many more. Many include decorative buckles or straps, intended to break up the often-simple shape of the boot. Most rain boots are made of rubber or plastic. Rain boots are very durable, and will last for a long time and through a lot of wear, depending on the make and style. Alternatively, many regular-styled tall boots might be considered waterproof as a slightly more expensive option.

Ankle boots, which are shorter than the typical boot, provide a subtle flair when simple shoes just won’t do. Ankle boots come in the traditional boot colors of brown, beige, and black, and these are the most popular colors. Leather and suede are two of the more common materials for this type of boot. But like all boots, they can come in such a wide variety that any woman is certain to find exactly what sort of style they’re looking for. Most ankle boots come with a heel or elevated sole, combining the strength and stability of the boot with the height-boost and look of a heel.

Rider boots are a tall and sleek boot, for when the boot is an integral piece of the outfit. They are more subtle than a knee-high boot, but provide more coverage than other boots, tying together the outfit. Rider boots are often used in horseback riding. Rider boots, like Ankle boots, come in black, brown, and beige. Leather and suede are common materials for rider boots.

Women’s boots come in so many styles and colors that any woman is sure to find just what they’re looking for!