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Women’s Watches, The Ideal Fashion Accessory

Talk about a revolution in time. Watches have evolved in many ways over the centuries, and today, most women own at least one watch. Let’s face it. For many of us, a watch is a necessity. Some folks refer to these portable timepieces as jewelry, but a watch is also a classic fashion accessory and the ultimate indispensable item we take with us along the journey of life.

Watches Add Personality

We all take pride in our signature style. Maybe yours is boho chic or athletic, casual or formal. Whatever personal fashion sense you portray, there is a gorgeous watch for it. That is why an awesome watch will never go out of style. Watch brand designers are well aware of fashion trends and create timepieces that reflect those current modes of influence.

Whatever watch you choose to wear, it will enhance your wardrobe and further define your personality. Maybe you prefer a watch that sparkles with diamonds or a simple timepiece with a leather strap and minimal embellishment.

Celebrities like showing off the watch they fancy at both casual and red carpet events. For example, Duchess Kate wears a stunning watch that Prince William bought her in curved round steel. It’s a classic modern watch that she never leaves home without. Singer and fashion designer Rihanna prefers a luxe, two-tone watch with yellow gold and steel. Singer Selena Gomez is often photographed with her wrist adornment of an elegant, rose-gold, oversized timepiece.

They Become A Status Symbol

The right watch can also say a lot about your status.

It’s probably unfair, but people do look at your watch and then determine your level of taste, education, social position and wealth. In other words, a nice timepiece can make a very good impression. The market for watches around the world is a huge one, and the luxury segment of Swiss brands keeps growing at a remarkable pace. Not only do consumers purchase a watch for its utility factor, but more importantly, it’s all about the aesthetics.

If money is no object, then you can collect a variety of luxury timepieces. There is a watch for just about every occasion. For example, there are fancy brands that feature a watch with changeable straps to suit your event. There are also expensive watch brands made soley for the weekend and even feminine, sporty pieces reserved just for golfing.

Watch Trends Are Spot-On

Just like street style and fashion runways, the women’s watch as an accessory also has its fascinating trends to look out for. In 2020, there have been some amazing designs to choose from. If you like “borrowing from the boys,” then the oversized, square-shaped and sporty model’s for you. Bold masculine edge and strong hardware create the perfect watch.

Burgundy straps, a burgundy dial and a bezel filled with diamonds are another timepiece to consider. This is classic, feminine and modern and very striking as luxe, wrist adornment.

Bejewled to the max is another hot trend that makes these timepieces look like gorgeous jewelry featuring the best of both worlds. Embellished and gem-encrusted, this kind of sparkling watch can dazzle from afar.

Animal motifs have also been showing up on women’s luxe timepieces to create seductive glamour. Imagine a diamond-studded panther to help you tell time.

The year 2020 has also brought in striking gemstone dials that stand out high above the rest. Dials featuring the beauty of lapis lazuli, malachite or tiger’s eye are popular stones now decorating the woman’s watch.

When it comes to purchasing a watch, your lifestyle will always come into play. You can invest in a super-expensive timepiece that retains its quality and value. You can also buy a more affordable watch that serves its function and looks expensive and chic.

Either way, your watch gives you added personality relecting your style and character.