Unique Fashion

Unique fashion

In this modern, digital age, unique fashion advice is never further than one’s fingertips. There are smartphone apps, websites, magazines, and television channels dedicated exclusively to differentiating between what is trendy and what isn’t, and the hottest looks of the season are advertised and up-sold in nearly every corner of the media on a constant basis.

However, it is far more difficult to find suggestions that suit the style of an individualist. They’re un-phased by the endless in-and-out rotation of couture as we accept it, concerning themselves solely with expressing on the outside precisely who they are on the inside. Some are fans of classic pieces, some free spirits who mix cuts and patterns to create looks that have never been dreamed up. It may seem like common sense that these distinctive dressers draw all of their ideas from their own imagination, but that’s not entirely true – inspiration can be pulled from any item, any era, and any part of the world.

Fashion trends from years past tend to resurface over time, and one excellent (and economic) way to stay ahead of the curve is by checking out vintage clothing stores. From gorgeous 1950’s gowns to adorable T-strap heels, thrift shops that specialize in vintage style offer a wide variety of rarities sure to appeal to any customer at any price point. Some find that the best way to create their own wardrobe is to hit the streets and explore other cultures and cities across the world. European countries feature rich and diverse regional palettes which are not always reflected stateside, as does India, Japan, and parts of Africa. Passports need not necessarily apply; for the innovator on the go, inspiration is sometimes no more than a click away. Researching a beautiful geographic area can exemplify their residents usage of color, print, and texture, bringing their definition of beauty to any laptop or tablet screen.

Those who possess a truly unique fashion sense begin by thinking outside the box, first assessing what they want to present to the world and then finding clothing and accessories that most accurately reflect that idea. Confidence and imagination are the stepping stones, allowing them to feel good in what they’re wearing without being told that they should by any outside source. It is indeed a daily celebration of who they are, as with flair and without pretense is their truly natural state of being.

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