People once considered socks and tights an accessory that you really didn’t put much thought into. They were mostly worn to keep feet and legs warm or to dress modestly.

As time went on, clothing got shorter so what you wore on your feet or legs mattered because everyone could see them. Thus a new outlet for showing your own particular fashion style was born. These days they come in every color, pattern and length imaginable.

Styles revolve over the years, leave and come back in cycles. An example of this would be knee highs. For 2016 trends are all about novelty. These kind have unusual patterns,photos bright colors, familiar characters or favorite items hanging on them.

A past example of this might be when girls wore the kind that had beads hanging from them. This year the “novelty” seems to be about expressing things you like being printed on the material. Anything from owls to super heroes, flowers, or crazy patterns. For men,who tend to be slightly lower key with fashion the newest things are “statement socks” that express something they believe in with a printed word on the material.

Tights follow trends also but seem to be more along the line of different colors or materials on and off depending on the climate and temperature. So both of these accessories fulfill functional needs by keeping us warmer or cooler. Plus they also are important because human beings are a creative species. What better way to show your creative flair than how you dress?

One important thing to keep in mind when purchasing is that you will need more than one type since you’ll wear different kinds to different events such as school, or a night out. It’s best to get a few pairs each for every season, and then some for play or fun and some for when you need to be a bit more dressier in appearance.

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