Fashion Trends 2015

Fashion Trends 2015

2015 came and is almost half-gone, and with it came big fashion trends. Here are some of the trends that will probably stay on the whole year.

Cuffed Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are always the easiest clothing items to accessorize. Every girl should have a pair in their closet for the hot season. While the trend last year included short cut-offs, 2015 brought a twist. Instead of the cut-offs showing, the 2015 trend is short and distressed but cuffed. The cuffed denim looks as hot as the cut-off ones, but they look more polished. Girls wear these shorts with crop tops, which have also made a trend this year.

Crop Tops

Crop tops have always been in the fashion scene since the 1980s. However, 2015 has seen the trend evolve and take various forms. Crop tops are worn with denim shorts, high-waist pants and maxi skirts. Another way of pulling the crop top look is by creating a mid-riff cut on any dress. Body-con dresses with the mid-riff cut look classy and sophisticated especially for evening-wear or semi-official occasions. Crop tops also go well with leather leggings or pants.

Maxi Skirts

Most girls love the maxi skirt and the trend has caught on this year. Plain colored maxi skirts are easy to accessorize. The black maxi skirt has made a statement this year, with women pairing theirs with fashionable tops. An easy way of matching your outfit is by wearing a matching top that fits well. Black always goes well with white, for instance. Flowery maxi skirts have also created a buzz especially those with long slits on the side. Double slits also look gorgeous when worn with the right shoes. One can never go wrong with high-heeled shoes or flats provided the colors match.

Cut-Out Bathing Suits

The hot season is almost here and the bikini trends indicate a bias towards one-piece suits. Unlike last year’s bikini trends, 2015 brings with it a different yet almost similar look. Instead of the big cut-outs, these ones have little cut-outs, especially on the sides. This is not only a great way of showing off some skin but also a creative way of showing some flesh in the right places. The bathing suits come in very colors and lengths depending on one’s taste. Floral and print bikinis seem to steal the show, though.


While 2014 saw the rise of the mini-skirt worn with long sheer maxis, 2015 has seen women wearing the midi-skirt with sheer panels instead of the sheer maxi. A midi-skirt may look plain, but with a set of sheer panels, the look changes to a flirty and playful one. This midi-skirt gives one the chance to show off their legs while hiding as much. This skirt is easy to run around in and if worn with a comfortable and fitting top, it can be a very great outfit for a good day outdoors. Most women wear their midis with crop tops or Peter Pan blouses which not only show off their figure but also the outline of the skirts.

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