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Vintage Baroque Irregular Pearl Lock Chains Necklace


Silver Color Chain Punk Gothic Chokers Necklace


Chic Transparent Resin Rould Ball Moon Pendant


Sterling Silver Sparkling Clavicle Chain Choker Necklace


Silver Sparkling Chain Choker Necklace


Beads Neck Chain Pearl Choker Necklace


Vintage Punk Big Coin Choker Necklace


Copper Heart Chain Link Necklace


Vintage Multilayer Pendant Butterfly Necklace


Bohemian Heart Choker Necklace


Pearl Crystal Zircon Transparent Fishing Line Necklace


Double Layer Chain Pendant Pearl Choker Necklace


Silver Pink Opal Apple Shape Pendant Necklace Length 45CM


Gold Color Double Layer Heart Necklace

Black Crystal Glass Bead Chain Choker Necklace


Zircon Love Heart Shape Necklace Choker


Plush Bear Long Chain Necklace


Baroque Pearl Choker Necklace


Vintage Gold Silver Multi-Layer Chain Choker Necklace

Minimalist Round Disco Multi Layers Necklace


Everything You Need to Know About Necklaces

The History of Necklaces

Necklaces have been around for a long time. It is believed by archeologists that they have been around since the stone age. Some primitive pendants date back to as many as 75,000 years ago, and they adorned the necks of ancient Egyptian hierarchy and cavemen alike. They are still very much popular today and can be worn to complete an outfit as well as to show a bit of flair and personality.

How to Wear it Right

If you go to any store or online outlet, you will find that there are seemingly limitless styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of ornamental jewelry to wear around your neck. They also come with a variety of price tags ranging from costume jewelry prices to millions of dollars, depending on what kind of gems that have been fashioned with. They are worn by celebrities and royalty and are made with many different metals and precious stones.

There is no right or wrong way to wear neck bling, but there is a way to wear it so that you get the most bang for your buck. How you wear a piece will either add or take away from your look, so you want it to frame your face in a way that is subtle, but that still gets noticed. There is a fine line between looking elegant and put-together and looking as if you raided the thrift store costume jewelry bin.

Not every necklace is the same, and they can complement different skin tones, colors of clothing, and eye color differently. For example, rich red, purple, and blue gems tend to compliment cool skin tones best as well as white gold and metals. Silver also looks good with cool skin tones. You likely have a cool skin tone if your veins appear to be blue and if your eyes are light blue or brown. Another inclination that you have a cool skin tone is if you burn easily in the sun or are considered to be “fair.”

If you have a greener hue to your veins, have vivid green, bright blue, or hazel eyes, and if your skin is more olive-toned, then you have warm skin coloring. Warm skin tones look best with the colors yellow, green, and orange. Choose jewelry that is made of yellow metals such as gold and copper. Diamonds also look great with warmer skin tones.

There are many ways to wear necklaces. If you are going to pair a very bold or chunky one, you want to choose an outfit that is more subtle to avoid looking too busy. If you are wearing a dainty chain, you can get away with layering a few at the same time for a bigger statement, but since they are smaller, thinner chains, you can get away with wearing a few at a time.

You can even match a piece of your outfit, such as your shoes or a bracelet to the gems around your neck. Or even match a shade of lipstick or nail polish to your jewelry. This will give you a polished and more put-together look.

Storage is Important

The important thing is to collect pieces that you love and enjoy wearing. As you build up your collection, you may also want to invest in a few pieces that will help to keep your gems looking as good as new.

You will want a way to display each item as well so that you can find that perfect necklace easily and to prevent tangling. You could choose a nice armoire, or even a few simple hooks will also do the trick.

It is also a good idea to get a jewelry cleaner so that you can clean each necklace from time to time and prevent your pieces from becoming tarnished and dingy in appearance.