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Long Dress With Slit Is The New Little Black Dress

The long dress with slit is an important wardrobe staple much like the little black dress. This dress is popular because it is the ultimate symbol of expression for a woman’s empowerment and self-determination. It can be worn during any season and any time of day for a stylish, effortless powerful look. It represents the ultimate sense of self ownership for any woman that wears it and is a staple for empowered women everywhere, it is even called “big girl dress”.

A woman wearing this dress is in charge and she lives up to it. It ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice style for any weather or event.

Seasonal styling the long dress with slit

The dress can be worn during fall with a nice pair of patterned tights for a creative, fun, stylish spontaneous look. The slit playfully reveals the pattern on the tights offering self expression.

During summer the dress can be won with during the day with flip flops or stylish mules for a relaxed, iconic look. It is stylish as it blows with the wind keeping you nice and cool as you enjoy the breeze.

You can wear the dress in the spring and pair it with sneakers or rain boots and a rain coat keeping you stylish in the spring rain.

During the winter you can still wear the dress and pair it with a stylish pair of thigh high boots and opaque tights to keep you warm.

Best Fabrics for Every Season

The dress is extremely versatile and can be found in different fabrics which are suitable for different seasons, which means you can have as many pieces as you need for every season.

During summer you can wear your silk, satin or cotton dress, which will keep you cool during the hot months. If you choose to wear your dress during spring, the best fabric will be cotton or a lycra blend with wicking technology that will keep you nice and dry during the spring rain. The lycra blend will be form fitting which helps you stay dry and stylish all day.
During winter your slit dress can be made from warmer fabrics like cashmere or wool blends and still remain stylish and form fitting which helps the dress remain dry and clean.
In the fall your dress can be designed using chiffon or cotton blends that will allow it to flow during the fall winds.

Available Lengths

The dress also comes in many lengths making it versatile for any occasion or lounging. It comes in a short style above the knee with a slit running up to the side for a truly stylish and confident look. This dress is often worn on special occasions like birthdays or a night marking a special event.

The knee length dress is often worn for work or more formal settings adding style to work wear. The midi length dress with a slit is one of the most popular. This cocktail length often invokes the style won by the ancient Egyptians. This dress is often won for everyday wear and paired with flip flops for a relaxed look or mules for a stylish casual look. The maxi length is popular for red carpet events.

The long dress with a slit has been the ultimate symbol of female self-determination and empowerment, tracing it’s roots in ancient cultures where women enjoyed importance and were at equal status to men. In these societies women decided what to wear and settled on the long dress with slit to express their love for their bodies as well as self-determination.

This dress is more than just a style statement, it also represents female freedom and gives us a clue to the culture.
It’s a wonderful staple to have in your wardrobe and will always keep your looking stylish, feeling confident and knowing you are your best.