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Charmming Chiffon with Top Sequin Bridesmaid Dress


Corset Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress


Crystal Scoop Gold Lace Appliques Sleeveless Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


Charmming Short Chiffon Champagne Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress


Sparkly BlingBling Two Piece Blush Pink High Low Bridesmaid Dress


Colorful Long Lace Scoop Sleeveless Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


Pink A Line Spaghetti Straps Backless Sequins Chiffon Maid of Honor Bridesmaid Dress


Lace Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dress With Short Sleeve


Coral Long Satin With Half Sleeves A-line Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress


Long Party Cut Out Beach Maxi Dress

Elegant Sleeveless Knee Length Short Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


Elegant Lace Sleeve Chiffon Womens Long Formal Dress

Sweetheart Sequin Long Bridesmaid Dress


Short Chiffon Blush Pink Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress


Beauty Lace Square Neckline Long Prom Evening Dress

Dusty Rose Pleated A Line Long Bridesmaid Dress

One Shoulder Gold Sequin A Line Maid of Honor Bridesmaid Dress


Light Blue Beaded Lace Appliques Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress


Beaded Lace Appliques Short Knee Length Off The Shoulder Peplum Bridesmaid Dress


Elegant Embroidery Pink O-Neck Long Half Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress



Choosing Dresses for Your Bridesmaids

It’s finally here! You’ve got something sparkly on your left hand and it’s time to plan your wedding. One of your first responsibilities is to decide which of your girls will be standing next to you while you wed the person of your dreams. After you’ve popped the question to your girls, now you have another important decision to make: what bridesmaid dresses will they wear? Whether you drag everyone to the dress boutique or are shopping online, these are some elements to consider.

Choose a style that will flatter everyone

In your mind, line up your girls next to each other. If you have a picture of everyone together already, that’s even better. Everyone is built differently. Some girls are curvier, taller, shorter, more athletically built. Because of this, there is likely no single dress that will fit everyone. Not only will they wear different sizes, but the same style will look like completely different on them. When you are choosing a dress, keep this in mind. If you can’t find a single style that works, consider choosing different dresses with similar design elements (pleats, textures, or silhouettes) and in a single color.

Choose a color that will flatter everyone

Your girls may all be brunettes or blondes, but their skin tones are unlikely to all be identical. What about that wild child who is always dying her hair a new color? Choose a color for the dresses that will be universally flattering to their skin tones. Blues look good on almost everyone, but that may not be in the palette for your event. Avoid yellows unless everyone is very similarly colored, because even standing next to someone in yellow can make some skin tones look sour. If you can’t find a single color that works for everyone, consider picking one or two colors in the same color family that work with your palette.

Choose a bridesmaid dress in your girls’ (or your) price range

You’ve found the dream dresses in a beautiful color. Well done! One last consideration: Are you paying for this dress, or are your girls? If they are, is the price something they are comfortable with? Don’t be afraid to have a frank discussion about this, but make sure you aren’t judgmental! Just because you would be comfortable with the price doesn’t mean their financial situation is the same as yours. And don’t let any of the girls be judgmental towards others, either. If you are paying for the dress, make sure your wedding budget can afford to buy it for everyone. It is okay for this to be your “bridesmaid present” to them, but make sure you can give the same to everyone. If your budget can’t handle it, it’s time to choose different dresses.

There you have it, the three most important considerations when choosing your bridesmaid dresses. Check Elegant Rose Gold Sequin Short Sleeves Bridesmaid Dress  or Tea Length Zipper Back A Line Short Sleeve Beach Lace Vintage Bridesmaid Dress. Happy shopping!