How To Wear Pants

How to Wear Pants

It’s been a few thousand years since humans first mastered horses and invented the split leg lower body garment necessary to ride them. Since them, a wide variety of styles of pants have come and gone in terms of fashion but one thing has remained true over the millenia: not everyone knows how to wear their pants correctly.

Both men and women have what’s known as a “natural waist” as well as an area also known simply as the “waist”. Depending on the dictates of fashion and popularity, generally speaking the pants must be worn around one of the two waist areas. Pants that rise higher than or to the “natural” waistline are often more popular during conservative fashion and social trend cycles. Pants that sit lower on the body, approximately at the area corresponding to the top of the hips or ordinary “waist”, are often more popular styles during social eras of progressive change and openness towards new ideas. Regardless of which waistline the top of the pants sit at, from there downwards the fabric of the pants will cover the lower torso area, splitting into two separate channels for the two legs, terminating somewhere above the ankle.

Some people debate whether pants can include shorter styles such as “capri” or “clamdigger” style pants, which are similar to ordinary pants but end much higher up on the leg. Other fashion enthusiasts debate whether to include short pants, often referred to as just “shorts”, in the general category of pants. Short pants are any pants that terminate above the knee. Other variants that can possibly be included under the definition of “pants” include skorts, which feature a skirt on the outside with a pair of attached short pants underneath. Even if all split-leg garments were to be recognized as pants, it’s important that they be worn correctly. Pants must ride naturally at the chosen waistline, falling naturally downwards as they snugly split at the legs, tapering nicely at the ankle for long pants or higher up on the leg for other “pants” type garments.

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