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Sunglasses are protective eyewear which aid in preventing bright sunlight from discomforting the eye. It’s been recommended by the American Optometric Association to wear shades whenever you’re under the sun so as to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation as they can cause serious eye problems. The usage of shades is recommended immediately after some surgical procedures such as IntraLASIK and also recommended for use in the dusty areas, or when leaving the house on a sunny day to name a few. Other than health benefits that come with the use of shades, they also bring in a fashion element to an individual.

When choosing a new pair of shades, there are a number of things to put into consideration and they include Perfect protection against UV rays. It’s important to choose shades which filter out harmful UV rays from your eyes which can lead to eye problems. Another thing that should be considered is the eye style used in making the shades. The most preferred type of style is the wraparound style as it reduces the amount of UV exposure to your eyes. Something else to be considered is the polarization of the shades which reduces glare to your eyes making it comfortable when wearing the shades. The color of shades must also be kept into consideration and it’s advisable to choose a pair that best suits you. Be sure to purchase shades which offer a 100% perfect UV protection.

Sun glasses are continually being updated to satisfy the changing tastes and preferences of the public. Children’s pair of shades also requires frequent redesign, since the style for the kid’s sunglasses changes from season to season based on popular cartoons or other characters. The manufacture of shades has become increasingly sophisticated as a result of high demand for high quality and stylish glasses. The current sun glasses trends involve the use of new coating and colorants which ensure that your eyes are protected against harmful UV radiations. The new forms of sun- protective eyewear are being developed with the advances in the field of optics, metallurgy, and others.