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Cinching Your Waist In Belts For Fabulous Style

They can make or break your look, but if there’s one accessory that has stood the test of time, belts are the essential pieces that can elevate your ensemble when the right one is chosen. All you need to do is look at fashionable Cindy Crawford. The iconic supermodel is almost always photographed wearing a glamorous belt with her jeans, leather skinnies and trousers. Cindy knows that this one wardrobe staple can tie the entire look together. The good news this season is the belt variety you can select from to create that enviable hourglass figure.

Wide Belts Are Back

Okay, some women do not fancy the wide belt look because they feel it’s wearing them. It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to go for over-the-top accessorizing. Stars like Nicole Kidman looked gorgeous in a Dior wrap belt on the red carpet starting in 2019. The trend has now swept into 2020, and you have plenty of pretty options.

One way to achieve a balanced and elegant appearance is to only wear a wide belt that doesn’t go beyond 3-inches. Avoid corset styles, and leave those to fashionistas like Kim Kardashian West who will try anything for the trendy-moment look even if it is super uncomfortable.

Proportion also matters with a thick belt. Try one with a volumizing midi dress or skirt as a break between the fabric design.

Let’s face it. A belt can run you a few dollars or soar into the thousands. It depends on what you’re aiming for fashion-wise. Choosing one in black is always a good idea because the shade looks rich, real (for leather) and classic. You can never go wrong cinching your waist in black.

Belt Bags Are Trending

Nope, these ain’t your mama’s old-school fanny packs. Belt bags are hot once again and have been taken to the next level. Many of these modern bags give you a twofer. In other words, you can wear the bag around your waist with an adjustable strap. Or you can toss the adorable bag with its detachable strap for shoulder or cross-body wear.

Look for one that has gold-tone hardware for an extra-rich appearance. Belt bags are a great fashion concept because you can tote around all of your essentials inside while keeping everything hands-free. The bag is not bulky and makes a polished style statement.

Need Fashion Belt Advice?

Style experts want you to enjoy wearing this classic accessory and not to be afraid of trying different styles on.

For instance, to keep a streamlined appearance from head to toe, wear a belt that matches the color of your dress.

Go through your closet’s belt collection, and weed out old, out-of-style pieces. When storing a belt, do not curl them tightly or fold them. You can ruin the shape and cause unnecessary creasing.

Do not wear a belt too tightly. It’s uncomfortable and can also wreak havoc on digestion.

There is a belt for every season. Leather can play that role all year round, but be mindful of fabric types. A rope belt should be left for spring or summer.

If you have a long cardigan or boxy blazer, try wrapping a belt around your waist to define your figure.

If you’ve got on a statement belt, then allow that amazing piece to speak for the rest of your ensemble. Do not add other prominent accessories. It’s too much of a good thing.

Skinny, wide, jewel-encrusted, wrap or any other style, a belt is an incredible and versatile accessory staple in your wardrobe. Have some fun, cinch your waist, and show off your curves!