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Elegant Boho Floral Print Ruffle Short-Sleeve V-Neck Long Dress


Floral Print Boho Maxi Long Dress


Long Sleeve O Neck Loose Floral Print Pleated Dress


Vintage Long Sleeve Loose Ruffle Bow Tie Mini Floral Print Dress


Elegant Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress

3277 white

Elegant Boho Cascading Ruffle Long Sleeve A Line Floral Print Dress


Vintage Floral Print Sashes Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

as pic DS3379BB

Floral Print Long Sleeve Chiffon A Line Dress


Floral Bow Puff Sleeve Stand Collar High Waist Long Sleeve Dress


V-Neck Long-Sleeved Chiffon Floral Dress


Floral Printed LongElegant 3/4 Sleeve Boho Maxi Dress


Summer Vintage Floral Chiffon Long Dress

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Beach Boho Floral Printed Tie Waist Long Sleeve Plus Size Maxi Dress

Blue Dress
Green Dress
Orange Dress

Floral Chiffon Long Sleeve V-Neck Vintage Dress

apricot flowers
Black floral
Blue broken flower
dark brown
Khaki floral
Palm red
Watermelon Red

Floral Long Sleeve Patchwork Elegant Vintage Floor Length Dress


Short Puff Sleeve Floral Print Ruched High Split Long Dress


Elegant Lace Black Floral Long Sleeve Hollow Out Bandage Dress


V-Neck Floral Print Lantern Sleeve Ruffles Pleated Boho Chic Dress


Elegant Long Sleeve Floral Printed Pleated Dress


Floral print V-neck long sleeve hippie floor-length dress


How to style a long sleeve floral dress

The long sleeve floral dress is an awesome attire for all seasons, even winter. You can wear it with a range of accessories for a fashionable look. The floral dress is versatile, and you can match it with several outfits if you want to look stylish.

How to select the color of a long sleeved floral dress

Floral prints come in various fabrics and colors. Select a floral dress that complements your body and style. Choose between the one with small flowers or go bold by selecting large flowers.

a) Background color: When selecting a color, you will often notice that floral print will always lean towards a host background color. It may be red, black, blue, metallic, or more. Consequently, white backgrounds with sunny-inspired blooms are great for concealing bulges, while darker ones are great for an individual intending to portray an illusion of being slim. Choose the color that complements your skin tone.

Large flowers often tend to be more flattering to people with petite body types. Therefore, shapely women should avoid oversized floral patterns as they may add a few pounds to their silhouettes. Smaller flowers give a solid color impression and are best for people with shapely body types. Additionally, neutral colors like silver, beige and black often compliment the floral print. Therefore, they portray a sense of balance that brings out harmony in your style.

b) Mixed Pattern:
If you want to look trendy and stylish, consider going for pattern mixing. Pair your floral dress with a bangle bracelet with a bold stripe. Alternatively, consider selecting one or two colors from the pattern dress and match it with your accessories. For instance, select black from your pattern floral dress and match the dress with a black hat, glasses, and shoes.

Ways to accessorize the floral dress

a) Jewelry:
When it comes to long-sleeved floral dresses, go for simple jewelry to avoid clashing with your fashionable attire. Choose delicate jewelry pieces that are classic and traditional. Select simple studs, drop earrings, delicate lockets, or pendants. Jewelry has a way of complimenting your dressing or making you look unfashionable. Therefore, consider selecting it wisely.

b) Jacket/Coat:
You can wear a trench coat, leather jacket, or blazer with your floral dress to give you a chic casual look. Additionally, you may opt for denim as it looks good with florals because it tends to be versatile and uncomplicated.

c) Handbag:
When it comes to your handbag, go for a solid neutral bag with one color, probably black, white, blue, or brown. Alternatively, match it with one of the prominent colors from your floral dress.

d) Belts:
A belt can add a pop of color to your dress. If you have a multicolored dress, select one of the colors and use a belt of that color. If it happens to be a black and white floral dress, complement it with a red or blue belt.

e) Shoes:
Avoid pairing the dress with matching floral print shoes. It will make you look unfashionable. Go for neutral stilettos, wedges, boots, or sandals. You can also consider selecting one color from the dress and match it with your dress.

Tips on how to wear your floral dress

Below are ways in which you can wear the floral dress.
You can pair your long sleeve dress with a high neck knit with knee-high boots. It will give you a nice look and keep you warm on a cold evening or during winter. Style your bright floral dress with bold accessories. You can go for a chunky knit scarf, thick hat, or black tights.

Black goes well with floral dresses. You can pair the outfit with anything black, including boots, earrings, and handbags. If you are looking for a feminine silhouette, go for belted knitwear over your dress. Pair it with a chunky jumper and knit cardigans. Wear your long sleeve floral dress with a snuggly white teddy coat and ankle boots to achieve a classic look.