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Vintage Irregular Ruched Backless Ruffle Floral Maxi Dress

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Navy blue

Embroidery Flare Sleeve A Line Black Bohemian Maxi Dress


Elegant Floral Embroidery Flare Sleeve Maxi Boho Dress


Floral Print V-Neck 3/4 SleeveBohemian Maxi Dress


Bohemian Long Sleeve Vintage Ethnic Maxi Long Dress


Bohemian Floral Embroidered V-Neck Long Sleeve Maxi Dress


Vintage Long Sleeve Neck Tie Ethnic Black Floral Print Bohemian Dress


Embroidery Flower Mesh Patchwork Bohemian Long Dress


Print Slash Neck Off Shoulder Bohemian Split Beach Maxi Dress


Bohemian Maxi Dresses

Summertime is the perfect time of the year to stock up on some dresses for the hot summer months to keep you cool and stylish. One type of dress that is popular during the summer is bohemian maxi dresses. Bohemian maxi dresses have been around for some time as a staple of summer, with their light fabric and usually beautiful patterned designs.

What is a Bohemian Maxi Dress Exactly?

A boho maxi dress is a full length dress in the bohemian style. It usually has long sleeves or loose sleeves around the shoulders. They generally give off an earthy or ethereal kind of look. Most people wear them during the summer because they look effortlessly perfect for the beach, a resort trip, a summer stroll, a summer shopping trip at a line of little boutique shops, time spent with the kids outside, or a walk with your dog through the park. The long sleeve boho maxi dress just works really well with the summer and the spring months as well. You can enjoy your summer in one of these effortlessly cool style staples for the warmer months.

What is the Bohemian Style?

The bohemian style is usually associated with the hippie counter culture movement in the United States, but the style goes further back then that. Bohemian style comes from France during the 1800s following the French revolution. French bohemians were artists, writers, and poets thet embraced a counterculture way of life. The nobility were also often once patrons of them so they had a much more cushy lifestyle until the revolutionaries took over. Which resulted in them living more modestly. This influenced their style to be a mix of something elaborate yet more modest or made of less costly materials. Bohemian fashion is known for being something elaborate or whimsical, yet still something modest. This style moved from France to England and from there to the United States. It only really started influencing the United States fashion during the post Beatnik AND hippies era. Flowing fabrics in different colors and floral prints were quite popular. Today boho chic is a global wide style that draws inspiration from the 60s flower child aesthetic.

The Patterns of Bohemian Chic Maxi Dresses

The patterns of bohemian chic is usually floral, crochet, embroidery, tie dye, and typically in a range of natural inspired colors. Usually boho chic is not bright neon colors. Paisley, floral, tribal, and tie dye are very popular for maxi dresses in the bohemian style. This gives them a whimsical and bohemian flavor to it. Your bohemian maxi dress should give off a flowing vibe with the fabric and should feel light. Most maxi dresses in this style are light and airy so they are made of fabrics that reflect this. Cotton or rayon or other light fabrics are common for bohemian style maxi dresses.

Where to Find Your Ideal Boho Maxi Dress

It’s actually really easy to find bohemian style and bohemian style maxi dresses at most retailers that sell trendy clothing to their clientele. Most women’s style boutiques also carry bohemian style staples, including the maxi dress. You can sometimes also find bohemian maxi dresses at thrift stores since they have been in style since the 60s. They probably aren’t as modern or up to date if you shop from a thrift store as opposed to somewhere with new clothing, but you might find some more quirky or random bohemian style maxi dresses by thrift store shopping. The best bet for where to find an instyle bohemian maxi dress is to shop a trendy retailer or boutique.