2016 may have just begun, but the fashion runways have already been strutted with the trends hitting this new year. Dresses are always a fashionable choice, but this year brings some new and interesting looks to light.
This year looks like a year that is going to be all about longer dresses. Mini’s didn’t many many appearances on the runways, but knee length and especially calf length dominated the shows. While the lengths were all similar, there were lots of fun differences to be seen. Old English sleeves seem to be making a big comeback. Weather they are large and puffy like those popularized during the Elizabethan times, or flowing peasant sleeves, the past is definitely coming back in style.

While fall was all about demure lace, 2016 is raising the stakes with in your face lace sheer dresses. Skip your mothers fashionably slips, this daring look is all about showing some skin and rocking a bikini that can be seen through the dress.

Two recent decades were highlighted at the fashion shows this year. The 70’s trend is still remaining strong and has morphed into a modernized look with clean and casual neutrals. But this year they are taking a different turn with the 70’s band babe look. Mixed prints, embellished flares, and chiffon are all complimented with things like suede jackets, vests, or fur bomber jackets are the rage this season. If this 70’s look isn’t your thing, check out the 90’s comeback that was featured on runways this year. Complete with rave culture, minimalism, fanny packs, and of course, grunge, the 90’s have brought the fun and depth that made them so popular to the runways.

Simpler trends to look for this year include ruffles on everything including sleeves, waistline, and necklines. Ruffles were features an impressive number of times without being overdone, most designers were able to use them to highlight certain areas of the body or give a stylish effect. Bare shoulders are very trendy in 2016. Weather it is a shoulder cutout or a completely off the shoulder look, the fashion trend is to show them off, not cover them. Asymmetrical necklines were also quite popular this year. Weather a dress was long or short, they featured fun asymmetrical neck and shoulder lines adding some fun and flair to even the plainest outfits.

2016 is shaping up to be a wonderful year if you are in the market for a new dress. There are tons of trends that would be ideal for any body type, and these fun fashions will make any woman feel like a queen .

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