Dressing Appropriately with Fashion

There were traces of coats or “Cotes” throughout the middle ages as soldiers avoided melee attacks from their opponents, using the coat as a shield. Overtime, the coat transitioned into a fashion item during the 19th century, and were denoted as an “overcoat.” Jackets were derived from coats during the middle times however, there was a fine distinction between these two items.
For instance, they were usually considered as an “undercoat,” used in very formal settings and often worn with pants or trousers that match in color, unlike coats that can be used for casual settings or worn anywhere in most cases.

Several parts

1. Linings- Soft or Hard
2. Notch
3. Front
4. Pockets (zippered, flat, etc.)
5. Cuffs (apart of arm sleeves)
6. Shoulder padding
7. Hoods (can be detachable)

Looking for an Ideal Fit

Between leather, ski, outdoor and specialty wear, they share many similarities. Various factors affect their type and degree of usefulness for an occasion. This includes the beauty aesthetic, weight or temperature regulation. Fleece, soft-shell, three-in-one, and down jackets illustrates the fundamental functions of most jackets.

If anyone is seeking a versatile suit, that can be used for slightly warm and cold settings, the fleece jacket can be used in most cases. It can perform two functions: Providing warmth throughout daily activities, especially on a cool evening and it can serve as an additional layer of clothing when a cold-front occurs. On the other hand, soft-shells are extremely complimentary to these fleece linings in the sense that both are versatile for weather changes and can be worn at the same time. In addition, the jacket provides wind and rain resistance throughout outdoor activities or sports.

Unlike the fleeces and soft-shells, a three-in-one jacket is most suitable for extremely cold climates. They feature a first, inner layer (usually soft and cozy) followed by an outer layer with a tough shell. This piece of the body is durable against rain and wind. A down, under-the-hip style might be more preferable For those who desires similar traits to this three-in-one system, but would love a more fashionable and a slim weight function as well.

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