Some mothers, however, will choose not to have anything matching with the wedding party but will wear a formal suit dress or a versatile layered look to allow for many varied looks throughout the festivities. Some will opt for flowing gowns and long skirts. Mother of bride dresses change in styles and material, but never in their function. They are specifically designed to make you look your best. Show up in style wearing the latest trends with the most flattering cuts tailored to have you looking fabulous while you stand alongside your beautiful daughter.

Pictures are forever, so sure to be captured in the moment wearing something timeless, gorgeous and memorable. Tasteful and chic you can choose from several different styles, materials, and cuts to give you the most flattering appearance. When it comes to colors, if opting not to be a matching ensemble to your daughter’s wedding party, you can stay neutral with bone, ivory navy and cream colors. If a wedding is an evening engagement black might even be acceptable, the only color that is still considered taboo for a mother of bride dresses is white.

Regarding clothing styles, take the option of having sleeveless with a jacket. Strapped dresses and halter dresses can be worn casually at the reception showing a little skin but then covered in tasteful discretion while attending guests at the ceremony. Layered looks are often preferred because of the flexibility offered without a lot of fuss achieving a desired formal appearance when needed that provides a smooth transition to a casual look when desired.

Whatever you choose, make sure to allow the bride to be involved. Not only will she want to dress you up and make you look as beautiful as you can be, but you also ensure that there won’t be any color clashes or duplicate gown disasters that can often occur without having the proper communication when it comes to dressing the mother of the bride.

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